Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creamy Apple Pie Green Smoothie

1 Fiji Apple (peel, core, cut up add 1/2 cup water and cooked until tender)
1/4 cup Vanilla Yogurt (I used Dannon Lite)
1 TBS crushed Pecans
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
2 cups fresh Spinach
2 cups Water

I cooked the apple then cooled in the refrig for several hours.
Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Calories 208g
Fat 8.1g
Chol -0-
Sodium 76g
Carbs 31.7g
Fiber 7.1g
Sugar 22.3
Protien 6.2g

Apple -
Strengthens bones, protects from osteoporosis; reduces symptoms of Asthma; Lowers cholesterol; shown to help prevent several types of cancer; diabetes management; helps with weight loss - many other benefits.  As I always say this is what I have learned from on line research and make no health claims regarding any of the benefits in this post.

Yogurt -
Adds healthy bacteria to your digestive tract (be sure it says live cultures on the yogurt container); helps to prevent osteoporosis; helps to lower risk of high blood pressure.

Pecans -
Most anti-oxidants (protects against cell damage in your body) of all nuts; good fat; boosts your immune system (your body's ability to fight off disease); reduces cholesterol levels; lowers blood pressure.

Cinnamon -
Regulates blood sugar levels; lowers cholesteral; resists yeast infections, arthritis relief.

Spinach -
High in fiber, maintains blood sugar levels, anti-inflammation, osteoporosis help; controls blood pressure, vision assistance, immune system help; healthy skin and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

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