Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY December 14. 2011 Wednesday
Outside my window ...
I see the signs of winter!
I am thinking...
I so dislike changes.  The TV cable man
is coming today to hook up our HD
and switch our internetto the cable
company ... new things to learn and
new things for Dick to try and learn!
I am thankful ...
for a God who loves and forgives
me over and over again.

From the kitchen...
plans to bake a pumpkin pie this afternoon!

I am creating...
a home filled with the love of God!

Bible Reading with my husband, Dick for today...
Philippians  2:1-16

God's *PEARL* for me today from the bible reading ...
A small pearl from all we read to day!  I must look at
each person as better than me.  I must look into their
lives and see their secret hurts, pains and suffering
so all my animosity will evaporate and I can be filled
with love and compassion for them.  I am to learn
how to truly be a servant and do all things without
complaining or wishing for something different.
I want to move to the valley to be near my family and
better medical assistance, but I need to let God work
this out in His time and learn to live here with joy
and knowing that He has me here for a reason.  WOW
this book should just be read a verse at a time!!!
Thank you God for your Word!!!

Quote for today...
"The course of true love never did run smooth."
William Shakespeare

Green Smoothie for today...
Blueberry, banana and spinach!
My all time favorite.

One of my favorite things...
enjoying the fresh scent of the sea as I walk!
A few plans for the rest of the day:
a bath for Pebbles.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Oh, I don't really mean that ... but God help
me continue on a healthy path of weight loss.
~ ~ ~
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