Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful wintery day.  Just got home from my weekly shopping trip and Dick has gone out for a ride and to the park to watch the ocean.
Our life this week:
Dick is having trouble sleeping.  I think it the stress of not knowing what the results will be from the CT Urogram he had yesterday.  We both pray and try to live the life of trusting and believing that our path is exactly what the Lord has planned for us.  I guess it is just that human trait to hang on and worry.  I don't sleep well either.   I sleep so lightly listening for any problems Dick might have.

Our reading this morning from 1 Thessalonians 3 actually was what we needed to hear - Praise God for His wisdom to have us at these verses this morning!  It talked about the fiery trials we must face and that we must face them with joy.  They don't make or break us, they show what is inside us.  I like that!  In the past, I have found myself reading the bible and thinking that so and so should read this, it is definitely for them.  This year I am reading it with ME in mind only.  I have not been the least bit afraid of the results we will hear on Thursday.  I guess for me it is a joy that I face these trials.  It was interesting that Jon C. pointed out that sometimes the trials are to show what inside of you ... like anger.  If you are angry with someone ... it is not that you are really angry with that person ... the anger is just there inside of you.  The Lord may give you a test to show you the anger in you.  If you are walking with Him you will learn this .... He has such amazing ways of showing you those things.

Bible Study:
My new bible study with Cathie Laurie called *Pursuing God* is heart warming!  I finished lesson 1 which is based on Psalm 25.  

Here is my summary:
The study is helping me to listen to the Lord, live the lessons I learn from His Word.  I will give attention with intention to obey what He is saying to me.

Show me your ways! Teach me your paths!  Lead me in Your truths!

My help only comes from God.  I can only trust God's character.  God will deliver me.

God is merciful, loving, kind, everlasting, trustworthy, forgiving, the refresher of my soul, my leader, my teacher, committed to me, good, upright, my savior, a promise keeper, my friend, the one who chose me, the planner of my path.

Verse of the day:
My eyes are ever toward the Lord for He shall pluck my feet out of the net.
Psalm 25:15

My Pearl of the Day:
God never tires.  He is there with me every second of every day for everything!  The reality of that takes me to my knees.  He is committed to me.  He chose me. 
I read somewhere and I think it might have come from DL Moody and went something like this:
I am glad God chose me before I was born, if I had lived for awhile I am sure I would not have been His choice.

Picture of the day
With my care for Dick, I have had to stay pretty close to him, thus inactive and have gained
all the weight I lost before ... so now I am taking just 15 minute walks and watching what I eat, so ...

Not really!   I just thought this was so cute!
Praying you all have a wonderful day safe in the arms of our Lord!

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