Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 15, 2012

The wind is blowing and it has rained most of the day.  Sounds and looks like the storm they talked about is on its way.  Praying that the coastal range will be dry or at least just rainy wet when we drive over it on Thursday!  I am such a white-knuckle driver in wintery weather!

Our life this week:
Since is a blustery winter day, I am glad to stay home cozy and warm.  Dick went to the park to watch the waves.  I am so thankful that he turned his drinking addiction over to the Lord and we are on our way into year two of no alcohol!!!   Thank you Jesus.
Last Sunday was our 7th year anniversary.  It has been an interesting and wonderful journey.  Last year of course almost losing Dick twice has kept me on my toes.  We are both so happy and content, even though we wish it were different and that health was not an issue. 
This morning we finished 1 Thessalonians chapter 3.  Reminds us not to get too *comfy* in our walk with the Lord.  We are to continue to seek, grow and learn!  That seems pretty easy for me, since I do not feel I can ever get enough of the Word.  Each time I read the same verse or chapter something new pierces my heart and I am once again overwhelmed and feel like my cup runneth over again and again.

Bible Study:
My new bible study with Cathie Laurie called *Pursuing God* is taking me through the Psalms!  Lesson 1 was Psalms 25, Lesson 2 was Psalms 96.  I finished that one last night.  It did not *sing* out to me as much as Lesson 1, but I know I am pursuing God and that is my intention.

Here is my summary:
This lesson shows me the importance of singing praises to the Lord and what an honor it is I have to be able to do that.
To sing to the Lord in thankfullness of the blessings he bestows upon me (including my salvation).
To sing is the opportunity to proclaim the Good News of Salvation.
To sing in declaration of His Glory.
God is so great!  Wow to think He made the Heavens.
What a privilege to sing to him praises for His honor, majesty, strength and beauty.
He alone is worth of my songs of praise.  He is coming soon to judge the eath with
righteousness and with His truth!

Verse of the day:
For He is coming, for He is coming to judge the earth.  He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with His truth.  Psalm 96:13

My Pearl of the Day:
Once again, I think it is just cotton candy sweet to know that God chose me.  That I remain eager to learn and be used.  I am just needing to declare my love for God!

Picture of the day
Today Lisa is taking Dani out for *sister day*.  It was Lisa's Christmas present to Dani.  Brunch, movie, snacks .... just a day together.  I love my family so much and am so proud of these two nieces!  Lord, I pray you just bring them joy today as they make memories!

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