Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

We have had hail and snow!  It has not disappeared today and more is coming down.  Good day to stay safe and cozy in the house ... but NO, my husband insisted on going for a ride!  Grrrrr ... at least he has his cell phone and is to call me every stop he makes!  Praying one of those is not from a ditch.  I told him to have the tow truck bring him home if that is where he lands.  After prodding, he at least took his cane to help him stay steady on the ice.  What a GUY he is.  He just left and it is snowing big flakes right now!  Lord what am I to do???

Our life this week:
We go to the Urologist on thursday, providing we can get there in this weather.  I see that it might just turn to rain and hoping that is the case.

This morning we read the last chapter of 1 Thessalonians.  If we put on the breastplate of faith, which we get from staying in the word; love, which we learn from studying the life of our Lord; the helmet of hope, hope that He comes soon and salvation, which we are so privileged to have, we will constantly live in the hope that the Lord is coming soon!  Lord come soon!  I am so anxious for that day.  We will have no more fear, pain, worries - gosh new bodies!  ... and the joy of praising the Lord all day long! 

Bible Study:
My new bible study with Cathie Laurie called *Pursuing God* is taking me through the Psalms! Lesson 3 was Psalms 23, one I have known by heart for probably 50 years.  It is also one of my favorites.
Here is my summary:
This Psalms just fills me with the joy in knowing that I am one of His sheep.  That He is my shepard.   I have no fears, no wants for he fills me totally (If I just let him).  Just as a Shepard He calls me by name - HE KNOWS ME!  He gave up His life for me, just like a shepard would do for his flock and in doing so He gives me eternal life. 

As the good Shepard - He will provide for me; guide me; comfort me, nurture me; protect and care for me!  Not just a little but with abundance, rest, protection, restoration, keeping on the right path if I try to stray.  My Shepard goes above and beyond to protect me as I face moments of great need and peril. 
I know that God is always at work for the good of me because I love Him.  I am sure that nothing can separate me from God's love!

The rod of the shepard is used to mark his sheep so he will know them, used to guide them and protect them.  The staff having a *hook* on the end is used to pull me back when I try to run off a cliff or stray off on the wrong path. 

The traits of a sheep fit me soooooo well!  They are weak of back so they can not carry burdens well.  They are stupid; clueless; go astray or wander off the path; defenseless; get rattled and skittish; they will stay in a meadow they have already eaten and one that has no nourishment when there is a green field right next door ... they need guidance.
OH I am such a sheep!
Verse of the day:
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Psalm 23:5

My Pearl of the Day:
I am reminded that when I come to the Lord's Table, I am refreshed.  When Satan is condemning me, when I am aware of my own failures, shortcomings and sins - I come to the Table of the Lord and remember once again that the blood of Jesus cleanses me and my sin is washed away totally and completely.

Picture of the day
If you look closely you can see the little balls of hail falling.  Actually looks like they are falling up.  This was taken off our back deck yesterday afternoon.

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