Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 Samuel 2

Every day I read a chapter of the Bible to Dick from Jon Courson's Application Commentary.
Today we read 2 Samuel 2.

The *pearl* I got from today's reading:  We must start our day with prayer!

Jon Courson added:  Corrie Ten Boom asked this pointed queston:  "Is prayer your steering wheel, or is it your spare tire?"  Many of us pull prayer out of the trunk when we're feeling flat or when there's a blowout.  However, prayer ought to be the steering wheel guiding us through the day, keeping us out of the ruts and ditches of life.  Some days I act like I can get through my day without prayer.  How dumb of me!  Prayer is the highest, most important calling of any believer.  It will keep you out of the ditches of depression, the ruts of predictability, the sanres of seduction. 

My prayer for each of us is that we learn this vital lesson.  That we start our day with prayer and continually add to it through out the day.  It is an intimate feeling to lean on the Lord for His wisdom, support and love!

May you be the best YOU the Lord made you to be this day and each day!
Warm hugs and love,

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