Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hamberger Mix you can freeze or can for quick meals

Yield 14 cups
3 med Onions, chopped         

3 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups chopped celery         

1 large green pepper, chopped
¼ cup vegetable oil           

4 lbs ground beef
28 ozs tomato ketchup         

11 oz can tomato sauce
¼ cup Worcestershire sauce     

2 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper

1.      Saute first 4 ingredients in hot oil until

2.      Add beef.
3.      Cook until brown.
4.      Drain fat.
5.      Stir in last 5 ingredients.
6.      Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.
7.      Spoon 2 or 3 cups into freezer containers.
8.      Label and Freeze for use in the following

If you are going to can stop after number 5 and also
just brown the meat do not over cook.  At this point
put in hot jars and pressure cook for 75 minutes at
10 lbs pressure (sea level - adjust to your area)
Can be used in the following recipes for quick meals

Ground Beef Stroganoff
3 cups beef mixture           

1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 (4 oz)cans sliced mushrooms 

½ cup sour cream
Hot egg noodles

1.      Cook noodles.
2.      Add first 3 ingredients to a pan.
3.      Bring to a boil.
4.      Stir in sour cream.
5.      Pour mixture of hot noodles.

Beef and Noodle Casserole
2 cups beef mix (thawed)

2 cups cooked egg noodles
1 (8½ oz) can mixed vegetables, drained                   
½ cup shredded cheddar cheese
½ teaspoon parsley flakes

1.     Combine first 3 ingredients.
2.     Spoon into lightly greased one-quart casserole

3.     Sprinkle with cheese and parsley.
4.     Bake 350 degrees for 15 minutes

Easy Spaghetti
3 cups beef mix (thawed)   

1/8 teaspoon dried whole oregano
1/8 teaspoon basil         

dash garlic salt

1.      Bring these 4 ingredients to a boil.
2.      Serve over hot cooked spaghetti noodles

3 cups beef mix (thawed)                                   

3 teaspoon chili powder
2 cans red kidney beans or cooked pinto beans

1.      Bring first two ingredients to a boil.
2.      Add beans and heat thoroughly

Sloppy Joes

1.      Heat 2 cups thawed beef mix and serve on
Hope you enjoy!

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