Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Samuel 3

As I read today's chapter, I knew when I had found the *pearl*.

David was the new king.  Yet, he was a very sinful man.  He tended to lie and had an eye out for women!  We are not to compare our sins to his, saying sheesshhh ... I am glad I don't sin like that!  We are to look at how prayerful he was, how he praised God and how he listened to God.  To me that means everyone I look at should be with these feelings.  We are all sinful, no matter how we try not to sin!  Our sin is no less than anothers.  Look for God in those around us!

Go out there today and look for God in others!  You may be surprised at what you find, I know I am!
God Bless!

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