Saturday, October 16, 2010

2 Samuel 4

As I read today, it was a short chapter and I had to really think about what the Lord was telling me and prayed for the Holy Spirit to reveal the *pearl* to me.  This is my *pearl* for today:

We will go through life and run into many customs of our peers or of this world.  The Bible talked about how the custom of a new king meant the relatives of the old king must be killed and King David grieved over this.  Today, I see we can use this in our lives.  If the custom of your friends, peer group or co-workers is to gossip ... we must not only grieve, we must speak out and stop this custom.  If the customs around you are something the Holy Spirit nudges you to feel it is wrong ... think about it and do something.  Just as old customs of the Bible changed, those around you can change too.

May you listen to the little whisperings of the Holy Spirit as you go through your day!
You are so loved by God, your Father in Heaven!!!

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